Alphabet - Bembo's Zoo

Ok, maybe this doesn't really help anyone spell but it makes you love letters of the alphabet. Check out Bembo's Zoo. It's beautiful. It's best if you have Flash on your computer. And have the sound on.

Here are some stills but you need to see the animations to enjoy it at its best.

The Bembo's Zoo Alphabet. Go to the page and hover over the letters. Then click on one to see what happens. Click the images below to go to Bembo's Zoo.
bembo zoo alphabet
A Bembo's Zoo Antelope
A Bembo's Zoo Dragonbembozoodragon
Enjoy it!


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  1. Hello Johanna. I just bumped into your blog. It is always a pleasure to find people who are making this world a more decent place. Thank you for sharing.

    Greetings from Colombia, South America