Aspire, Inspire and Expire - related meanings?

I saw this on my Facebook feed:

A neat little quote for teachers I thought. Then I couldn't help looking at those three spire words and wondering what they had in common in terms of meaning. So off to some of my favourite etymological websites ( and and here's what I found and worked out. 

The root here is spire meaning breathe or breath life into  from the Latin spirare

  • aspire - to breathe life upon something- to have hope
  • inspire - to breathe or blow into another - in other words, "influence or animate with an idea or purpose" 
  • expire - breathe out, especially for the last time (so meaning die or finish) - spelling note: ex means out of but we can't put that before the whole word spire (exspire) because x is never followed by s except across a compound word such as flaxseed)

And here are some more spire words

  • conspire - literally breathe together, but means to plot something together
  • perspire - to breathe through. The sweat meaning came later but I suppose is about a kind of breathing through the skin.
  • respire - this literally means breathe again but I really don't know why it's again. I guess just one breath isn't enough to keep you alive!
The there are all the spirit words that are also related: spirited, spiritual, etc

But, by the way, the word spire itself, meaning a tall pointed tower, comes from a completely different root. It's related to an Old Norse word meaning a slender stalk

Love this etymology stuff! Feel free to add your own etymological 'noticings' in the comments.