Teaching Spelling to English Language Learners - nearly here

Book coming very soon - pic from http://photofunia.com/
I've been promising my book would be out soon for a very long time. Now I can really say it will be out very soon.

"Teaching Spelling to English Language Learners" is in three parts:

Part A looks at what the problems are - why English spelling is so hard to learn and teach. So there is an exploration of the language itself and the systems that make up English orthography. This includes a brief look at its history. Also here:  how we spell when we read and write, and why many teachers say they feel ill-prepared for helping their learners improve this vital skill. There is also research into real spelling errors made by English language learners.

In Part B a fresh, new approach to the teaching of English spelling is proposed and described. This is a multi-dimensional attack on this age-old problem. As well as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods we get students to use their brains and work out patterns for themselves to promote real learning. There is also a strong focus on building strategies, rather than just learning words in class for a test on Friday (and forgetting by Monday).

In the last part of the book, there are over 70 activities for the teacher to use. Many need no materials and there are photocopiable worksheets for others. 

If you like The Spelling Blog, I think you'll love the book!

More details soon. Watch this space. Or write to me at johanna.stirling@gmail.com if you want to be notified when Teaching Spelling is out and for sale.