How do texting and tweeting affect spelling? According to David Crystal.

I've just been watching this great video of David Crystal, English language expert, talking about the myths surrounding text messaging and tweeting (communicating via Twitter). It's well worth 30 minutes of your time. Particularly interesting points:
  • he says the more people text the better their literacy scores - you need to be able to spell well to be able to abbreviate that spelling,
  • he claims dyslexics are not good at texting,
  • teachers and examiners report that texting abbreviations are very rarely found in children's and young people's examination answers.

David Crystal - Texts and Tweets: Myths and realities

Or if you want to read more, see David Crystal's book Txting: the gr8 db8

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  1. The problem with texting and tweeting is that people tend to over abbreviate every single word that it becomes really dumb. It needs to be avoided because it is very detrimental and decreases our literacy IQ.