World Spelling Day - the first ever

I've just come across this. It's the first World Spelling day today. It involves an interactive spelling bee. Play against other people. Get your class involved. Addictive!!

Have fun!


  1. Hi! It's fantastic! So much fun! I'm from Argentina and speak Spanish, but I have studied English for several years. Spelling is so good for learning the language. You know, sometimes you feel so sure about your knowledge but you really test it when you have to write some particular words and then you discover that you need to improve your English. The World Spelling Day is a great idea.

  2. Interesting!

    The first thing that occurred to me was "How can there be a World Spelling Day when there is no world spelling?" The answer is apparently that they exclude words that are spelled differently in different countries.

  3. You are absolutely right. I think the words that are spelled differently in different countries are not there. Let's say: "theatre" and "theater".

    I have also noticed that many of the "difficult" words in the competition come from Latin or directly from French (cardiothoracic and bourgeoisie, for instance), which may seem familiar (therefore easier) to people who speak a Romance language.

  4. I wish we can play it everyday without money.