Discount on Teaching Spelling

First an apology - I put up a blog post last week about the effect of spelling errors in comments and reviews on line. But it disappeared in the Google meltdown and I haven't had time to rewrite it.

Other news:
15% discount 
Teaching Spelling to English Language Learners 
from 17th May to 17th June 2011 only.
Only from Here's a direct link to preview and buy it:


  1. Check Blogger. It might have been restored in draft state, in which case you'll need to republish it.

  2. Thanks, John. No, unfortunately, my post didn't even get restored to draft state. Well, it did, but only to such an early draft that it was just a note to myself to write a blog post about the subject! Ho hum!

  3. A similar thing happened to me. I had to write a simplified version. In other news, I went to a training session on use of the use of wikis and blogs the other day at King Saud University, Riyadh, and one of the 10 blogs used as an example was The Spelling Blog.