Do texting and online chatting affect spelling? Survey.

In the last post we looked at research into the extent that online chatting and texting affect spelling. Now I want to do my own research for my book. If you can spare a few minutes (less than five, honestly) please do this survey (link below).

It would be wonderful if you could also pass it on to others - especially any teenagers or children. If you are a teachers you may like to get your class to do it.

The results will be published in 'Teaching Spelling to English Language Learners', but you never know there may be a sneak preview here on the Spelling Blog - keep your eyes peeled!

And thank you very much in advance.

Click here to take survey

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  1. Chat generates a lot of writing although students tend not to recognize this medium as producing "real writing" - still you might use this opportunity to talk about what "real writing is" and why it's viewed as more valid than informal writing.