Letters Soup

A few weeks ago I was doing some workshops in Dillingen, Germany about - how did you guess? - spelling. There was time for a quick lunch before the first workshop - just some soup for me please. And you won't believe it - it was Alphabet Soup. What a great omen!

I hadn't seen alphabet-shaped pasta for years, since I was a child. There used to be something called Heinz Alphabetti Spahetti, which was alphabet pasta, horribly over-cooked in a red sauce. But I'm sure my mother used to make soup with the letters too. Perhaps it's where I got my interest in spelling!

Anyway I spent the rest of my free time in Germany trying to buy these edible letters, and finally succeeded.

So I've made you some soup!

While you're enjoying each mouthful,

see how many words you can make from the letters

Oh, look! This one's got a special message!!!

Write any words you find in the first and second spoonfuls in the comments. And what is the message in the third one?
Enjoy your soup!


  1. Ha!Ha!

    Did you have to dig through the letters to find the right spelling! You are married to your job my dear ;-)

    Happy holidays and see you in the new year!


  2. Ah, yes Karenne, but at least I got to eat the letters I didn't need!

  3. I love alphabet soup!! used to have it as a child too! it's great, but my mom used to get annoyed when we took ages to place words on the plate rim instead of eating the soup.

    Alice M

  4. Ha ha. But I bet it did wonders for your spelling, Alice! Your mum would have gone crazy with me trying to get the right letters on the spoon for these photos.